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Black Americans represent 13% of the United States population, yet since 2015 they account for 26% of fatal police shootings. Black Americans are being killed by police at double the rate of any other population.

Black men between 20 - 35 yrs. are at the greatest risk. Race must be included in the solution to the injustice of our justice system.

The US military has stricter rules of engagement for troops deployed in war zones than our police officers do in our residential neighborhoods. That’s illogical and this must change.


Donna’s Equal Justice for All (EJA):

  • Federally legalize marijuana and expunge all nonviolent marijuana-related convictions
  • Require body cams, de-escalation training, and liability insurance for all law enforcement officers
  • Reform predatory cash bail charges, targeted at low-income individuals
  • End incarceration for all nonviolent drug convictions and reduce penalties to fines and community service
  • End taxpayer funding of for-profit private prisons and instead fund job training and counseling for ex-felons
  • Ban the Box: Remove questions regarding nonviolent offenses from job application forms


The focus of the justice system should be to rehabilitate people back into being productive citizens of the community. EJA erases drug convictions, restoring the livelihoods of millions. It holds law enforcement responsible for their actions and limits police departments from hiring previously fired officers.

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