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There are more than 5000 farms in Texas’ 31st district, 2,436 farms in Bell County and 2,634 in Williamson County.


40% of rural Americans have difficulty paying for basic needs such as housing, food and medical bills, and almost half said they could not afford an unplanned $1,000 bill.

Food stamp participation is highest overall among households in rural areas (16%) and small towns (16%).

Approx 25% of rural Americans are unable to get health care and 45% cannot access or afford the healthcare they need. For 23% of rural residents the healthcare facility was too far away or had closed down, and 19% could not find a provider who accepted their health insurance.


Donna’s Healthcare for All (HCA), Education for All (EDA) and Real Pay for All (RPA) policy proposals together ensure that rural Americans have equal access to medical professionals, social workers and teachers.


Taking care of our farmers and rural Americans, secures our food supply and solidifies the bedrock of our overall economy.

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