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The current cost of healthcare, health insurance, and prescription drugs in the United States is simply unsustainable. In 2018 the United States spent $3.65 trillion dollars on healthcare while leaving almost 28 million Americans uninsured and 44 million underinsured. Underinsured Americans have health insurance but are unable to get care or forgo care because they can’t afford $10K deductibles and copays. A shortage of primary care physicians is costing lives.


Donna’s HealthCare for All (HCA):

  • Establishes a single-payer plan that fortifies and accelerates Medicare for All (M4A)
  • Scales healthcare infrastructure to cover everyone in the US
  • Drastically lowers the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs
  • Improves the quality of healthcare
  • Decouples health insurance from employers
  • Increases the number of healthcare professionals
  • Reduces health and maternal health disparities experienced by Black and Latino Americans


HCA provides better quality care, creates more choices and costs less than what taxpayers pay today, which makes HCA the fiscally responsible solution to the healthcare crisis that Americans face.

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