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The median wage for workers in the US in the first quarter of 2019 was $47,060 per year for a 40-hour workweek. That means half of all American workers make less than that.

40% of rural Americans have difficulty paying for basic needs such as housing, food and medical bills, and almost half said they could not handle an unplanned $1,000 bill. More than half of all Americans have no savings.

30% of all American workers make less than $15/hour. Setting a random number for minimum wage makes no sense! Pay must reflect where we work and live.

A living wage is a temporary solution designed for survival. Americans don’t want to “just get by”; they want to thrive.


Donna’s Real Pay for All (RPA):

  • Requires that all businesses pay what it takes for an individual to live within a reasonable commute, save for retirement, and get career advancement leading to higher pay.
  • Ensures that no American is forced to work more than 40 hours a week to earn “Real Pay”.
  • Requires that businesses accommodate employees pursuing professional job training and continuing education.
  • Creates a program for kids under the age of 18, who are enrolled full time in high-school and live at home with parents, to gain valuable work experience limited to 15 hrs per week when school is in session.
  • Funds Universal Basic Income (UBI) from the productivity gains of automation, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars to unleash innovation through entrepreneurship.


RPA lifts Americans from being on welfare and ends the perpetual cycle of poverty. It rebuilds the middle class and safeguards the path to upward mobility when paired with EDA and HCA.

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