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Texas’ 31st district is home to Ft. Hood the largest active duty armoured military base in the US. There are more veterans per square mile in this district than anywhere else in Texas. Veterans should not have to spend a whole day driving to a VA clinic only to be denied care or require an advocate to receive what they have earned.


  • Homelessness: Vets account for about 11% of US adult homeless population
  • Suicide: Vets account for 14% of all suicides
  • Health: 12% to 20% of non-injured veterans and 32% of combat casualty vets suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Harassment and Assault: 23% of women reported sexual assault, 55% of women and 38% of men have experienced sexual harassment in the military
  • Families of Vets: Military spouses experience high stress, anxiety, depression and higher rates of unemployment while military children average six to nine moves before the end of high school


  • Stop denying Veterans and Disabled Veterans their earned benefits
  • Provide on-the-job traning programs to transition skills learned in the military to the public and private sector
  • Make Healthcare for All (HCA) available to all Veterans to address physical and mental post-deployment health, regardless of when and how they sustained their injuries
  • Expand support to parents, spouses and children of service members and gold-star families that have lost a service member


Providing our vets with guaranteed healthcare through HCA as they transition to industry will ensure that we can utilize valuable skills they gained while serving in the military. HCA ensures that vets don’t have to travel to a VA clinic or hospital to get the care, they can get care at the physician of their choice, near the neighborhood where they live. Taking care of vet’s families will give them the support required to be successful.

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